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A website can be one of the most cost effective methods that you can use to let people know about yourself, your business or your group or organization. A website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 52 weeks of the year and the annual charge can be less than the price of just ONE advertisement in a newspaper or magazine.

You also have the added bonus of being visited by internet users who may be searching for a particular service, perhaps in a particular location, who may have been unaware of your existence beforehand.

If you are already using other forms of advertising such as newspapers or magazines, then simply by adding your website name to your advertisement you are in effect multiplying the size of it, because you are then supplying far more information than the original advertisement. You might even consider reducing the size and costs of your existing advertising.

As well as using your website name on your advertising you will also be able to use it on stationery, business cards, signs and vehicles. This will add to the perceived professionalism of your business.

Owning a website cannot be easier than this: let me know what you need and any design ideas you may have and I will produce a draft design for you and load it onto the Internet. You can then view it using a secure login and instruct me on anything that you want changed. I will then make changes until everything is to your satisfaction.

You might like to know just a little about the terms domain name and hosting.

Domain name

This is the website name, like mpws.co.uk. It must be registered to you before you can use it.

I can advise you on which domain names are available and suitable for you.
I can register a domain name to you as part of my website building service. Unlike some website building companies, the domain name that you choose will be registered in your name so that it becomes your property.


Your website will need to be hosted. When an internet user clicks on a link or types in a domain name, that user is instantly routed to where the website is hosted. Websites are hosted on a server, a special kind of computer that can be accessed by many internet users at the same time. It serves these users with the website pages that they require. My servers are housed in a purpose built 24 hour UK computer centre.

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